FAQs about the product

What material is used to make the cookie cutter/stamps/toppers?

All cookie cutter/stamps/toppers in the store are made from PLA (Polylactic acid) filament. PLA, is a bioplastic and thermoplastic made from natural materials like corn starch. As it’s created from natural materials, it is eco-friendly, biodegradable and food safe.

How do I take care of my cookie cutter/stamps/toppers?

Wipe with with wet cloth or tissue after use. Keep outside to dry,but away from sunlight. Store in a dry environment. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

Why does the colour of the product I received differ from the one shown in the product page?

All items in the store are printed on demand. The colour of the product will correspond to PLA filament available at the time.

In what sizes are the products available?

Products are available in the sizes mentioned in the description of the product. The size mentioned is approximate and may be plus/minus by a bit due to the irregular shape of the design on which the product is based.

How is the size of a product measured?

The size mentioned in the product page corresponds to the size of the print obtained on using the product on fondant. The given value may correspond to Length or Width, whichever comes first.




FAQs about the order fulfilment and shipping

How long will it take to ship an order?

All items in the store are printed on demand. Orders will be shipped within 4 working days.


When will I receive my order once it is placed?

Orders are processed and shipped within 4 working days. Shipping across India takes additional 5-12 days, depending on location.


How much will shipping cost me?

Standard shipping is Rs.120. Express shipping ranges between Rs.60 to Rs.160 depending on location.


How can I cancel my order?

Write to us at design@puzzle3dprints.com or get in touch with us via Whatsapp or Instagram with the order number and the reason for cancelling the order within 8hrs. We will issue a refund.


Where is Puzzle3d located?

Puzzle 3d is located in Kochi, Kerala. But we ship across India


Do you offer faster shipping?

Sorry, No.


Does Puzzle3d do custom orders? What are the rates?

Yes, We do undertake custom orders. Connect with us on Instagram or Whatspp to learn more.